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Capybaras are the largest rodent in the world. They can be found in the

tropical parts of South- America east of the Andes. An adult may weigh as

much as 60 kg and stand 60cm high at the shoulder. Their scientific name

means "water pig". The Capybara skull is much alike the Guinea pig only

much larger. The capybaras eyes, ears and nostrils are positioned high in the

head so that they are above water level when the animal is mostly

submerged. Capybaras are semi aquatic, living near ponds, rivers or swamps

and feeding on aquatic plants. Capybaras can be found in groups of 10 or

more individuals but some time groups merge together, forming a larger

heard. The Capybara is an excellent swimmer capable of diving for as long as

5 minutes. When a capybara is in danger he escapes to the water leaving

only his nostrils above water level. Capybaras are raised commercially

providing meat and leather to the farmer.

תוכנית שימור בגן
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