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The Corella, which belongs to the Cacadu family, can be found all around

Australia in different sub-climates. They live in large flocks which can reach a

few hundred birds. They feed on grain and grass seeds and in some

agricultural areas have known to have become somewhat of a pest to

farmers, feeding on the crops. The Corella is mostly white and has a pink

patch between the eye and the bill. The Corellas are very noisy eaters, and

while the eat, they produce very loud and noisy cries which can be heard from

afar. The corellas are monogamous and pair for life. They build their nest

together in a tree hollow. The female lays 2-4 eggs and both parents take

turns incubating the eggs. When the young hatch they helpless and depend

totally on the parents for food and protection until the fledge.

תוכנית שימור בגן
In the Bible

Endangered status
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