Entrance Fee (in Israeli Shekels)
  • adult
    63 ILS
  • child (age 3 - 18)
    49 ILS
  • police officer, student, soldier, senior citizen
    49 ILS
  • person with disabilities
    35 ILS
One-Year Membership Prices
  • one child
    220 ILS
  • one adult
    300 ILS
  • student
    250 ILS
  • soldier, police officer, senior citizen, person with disabilities
    220 ILS
  • couple
    525 ILS
  • couple + 1 child
    630 ILS
  • couple + 2 children
    680 ILS
  • couple + 3
    750 ILS
  • couple + 4
    790 ILS
  • couple + 5
    830 ILS
  • couple + 6 or more children
    860 ILS
Membership Prices for Single-Parent Families (per year)
  • parent + one child
    470 ILS
  • parent + 2 children
    610 ILS
  • parent + 3
    670 ILS
  • parent + 4
    690 ILS
  • parent + 5
    730 ILS
  • parent + 6 or more children
    760 ILS
Group admission rates
Group rates are for 25 or more people from institutions and organizations and with advance reservations
  • each adult (above age 18)
    50 ILS
  • each child (age 3 - 18)
    40 ILS
  • soldier, senior citizen
    40 ILS

Accessibility Provisions at the Biblical Zoo

●       There are accessible parking spots next to the zoo entrance.

●       There is full accessibility to the parking lots, zoo entrance, pathways, and along the entire route around the zoo.

●       All entrances are accessible.

●       Accessible restrooms - there are accessible restroom stalls at the restrooms at the zoo entrance as well as along the zoo route.

●       Vision impairment - some of the animal exhibits allow fora close-up look, while some are further away from the animals, which may present difficulties in seeing the animals. There are exhibits with close encounters with the animals, such as at the children’s petting zoo.

●       The snack bar is accessible.

●       People may come to the zoo with their service animals(such as seeing eye dogs) with advance guidance so as not to enter areas with direct access to the zoo animals. For arrangement, please call the reservation center at 02-6750111, or send an email to

●       The zoo can be reached by telephone at 02-6750111 or alternatively through email ( or fax (02-6430122).

●       Zoo employee training for accessibility services takes place annually.

●       The zoo staff is at the service of its visitors for any need or assistance.


Despite our best efforts to enablean accessible website experience on all pages of the site, there may exist somepages which have yet to be made accessible or for which we have yet to find an appropriate technological solution. We continue in our efforts to improve the accessibility of the website as much as possible from the belief and ethical commitment to enable use of the site to the entire inclusive population,including people with disabilities.

Contacting the Accessibility Coordinator

If, in the course of your visit to the zoo’s website, you encountered difficulty with regard to accessibility, the zoo’s accessibility team is at your service through various channels for your inquiry in this matter. We will be happy to receive your feedback.

Contact information for the accessibility coordinator:

Name: Ziv Ayalon

Tel: 02-6750111


Mailing address: The JerusalemBiblical Zoo

Aharon Shulov Street 1


For answers to your questions regarding accessibility and recommended walking routes, please call 02-6750111.


The internet serves as the largest collection of freedom of information for all its users, especially users with disabilities. As such, we place much importance in providing equal opportunityto people with disabilities to use the information presented on the site, and to enable a better internet experience.

We strive to ensure that our digital services will be accessible to people with disabilities, and as such we have invested many resources in order to make use of the site as easy aspossible for people with disabilities from our belief that every person is entitled to live with equality, respect, comfort, and independence.

Use of Website Accessibility Software

This site is operated by accessibility software of the Association for Accessibility. The program enables the site to adhere to the internet accessibility guidelines WCAG 2.1 at level AA. The program is in accordance with user conditions of the manufacturer.

Responsibility for use and application on the site is placed upon the site owners and/or its representatives, including the content presented on the site, in accordance with the conditions for use of the software.

How Does Accessibility work with the Website?

The site includes an accessibility menu. Clicking on the menu enables the opening of accessibility buttons. After choosing an option from the menu, you must wait for the page to load.

The program operates through the popular web browsers. It is recommended to surf the web in accessibility mode using the most popular browser, Chrome. With other browsers, there may be incompatibility, due to the browsers’ inability to adjust.

What’s on the Menu?

Enlarge website font to 4 various sizes

Stop animated elements and block flashing

Change color contrast against adark background

Change color contrast against alight background

Adjust site for color-blindness

Adjust to a more readable font

Emphasize links on the site

The site provides a semantic structure for assistive technologies and support for regular use with keyboard with the help of the arrow, Enter, and Esc keys to exit the menus and windows.

The site is enabled for use with assistive technologies.

The site includes an alternative description for images and a statement of accessibility.

‍Sharing Feedback

We encourage feedback from our users. If, in the course of your visit to the website, you encountered a specific problem with regard to accessibility, weare happy to receive your feedback via email:

●      The accessibility statement was last updated on August 16,2020.

Photo: Talya Tzabari-Gibli