Kids and youth group activites

The Zoo has become an important community education center for wildlife conservation and sustainability, offering all populations diverse educational programs, volunteer opportunities and convenient site accessibility. Each year more than 100,000 young people of all ages and from all communities attend both formal and informal educational programs at the Zoo.

We offer discounted group rates to schools and kindergartens who arrange their visit in advance. Visits can be tailored to specific subjects or school curricula on request.

Due to Corona restrictions, we have added a new feature in the Zoo- "Zoom in the Zoo" workshops for classes and days schools! Contact us for more information! Tel. 02-6750122 or email

Group rates are intended for schools and kindergartens and with advance reservations 25 person minimum:

Child (age 3 – 18) 37 ILS

Adult (above age 18) 46 ILS

Guiding fee for a group of up to 30 people: 265 ILS

To be eligible for the group rates, reservations must be made in advance.

The zoo recognizes its importance as an educational site, whether in expanding visitors’ knowledge when they come to visit, or in raising awareness of the entire population about nature conservation, protection of animals and wildlife, and environmental issues.

To schedule a guided visit:

Tel: 02-6750111

Fax: 02-6430122


For an un-guided group visit:


Programs for the Ultra-Orthodox Community

Thezoo offers schools and kindergartens of the Ultra-Orthodox community a range of activities and experiences that teach about animals in Israel and throughout the world. Through this activity, children will meet with a guide, who will take them on a fascinating journey through the living world and nature. Additionally, the children will be able to enjoy encounters with friendly animals at the Living House. Through the tour at the zoo, the children will see various animals, they will learn about them, and they will hear about how we care for them and what can be done to protect them and the environment.

To schedule a guided zoo visit:



Group Programs for the Arab Community

The zoo hosts schools for guided tours which bring children on a fascinating journey into the world of animals, acclimation to their habitats, and their survival in nature and at the zoo.

To schedule a tour:

Tel: 02-6750111

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