The variety of species at zoos,the professional staff, the documentation and cooperation between zoos enableresearch projects of varied scope on the topics of behavior, animal welfare,veterinary, breeding, genetics, nutrition, and more. Thanks to the importanceof these topics within nature conservation and protection of rare species,research has been included as one of the roles of the modern zoo, as defined instrategic document on nature conservation of the World Association of Zoos andAquariums (WAZA).

The Biblical Zoo decided to adopt this approach and dedicates manyresources to the field of research. The zoo initiates and conducts researchindependently and partners with researchers from various academic institutionsand with researchers from other zoos. It also funds studies through the Dr.Ahaon Shulov Scholarship Fund, named after the Biblical Zoo’s founder.

Additionally, in recent years, the zoo offers a final project program, ZooBagrut, to high school students at the 5-unit level of the matriculationexam, with the approval of the Education Ministry.

For more information, please contact Dr. Nili Avni Magen,  Zoological Director and Chief Veterinarian orDr. Noam Werner, the zoo’s Curator and Zoologist.

photo: Rachel Blaire

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