Summer Day Camp

In summer 2020, between the pandemic lockdowns, we were honored to run summer camp as in previous years at the Biblical Zoo, and for the first time, camp at the Israel Aquarium. Hundreds of children met up close with animals, participated in workshops, created crafts, and enjoyed getting acquainted with others their age and with guides working at the zoo. It was fun! We are already looking forward to next year!

Parents Talk about the Israel Aquarium Summer Camp:

“After long years of zoo summer camp, Naama chose to make a change and attend the aquarium summer camp. This was a wonderful choice! I hope the program continues through until the end, while adhering to hygiene and safety rules.”

“Guy returned enchanted from the sharks day! Thank you for the wonderful day!”

“I am joining in with all the compliments. It was an amazing camp from all aspects – management, program components, counselors, and of course the enchanting place itself 12 Itamar and Ilan are enjoying immensely.”

Parents Talk about the Biblical Zoo Summer Camp:

“Thank you for the fascinating, enriching, and unforgettable experience, and of course for running the camp under these challenging conditions. I especially appreciate your consideration of the language and allergy challenges.”

“Thanks for a quality, enriching, and experiential camp experience.”

“Thanks for all the updates and photos. You made us feel that we were part of the camp, and there were even moments when I felt I was experiencing it with you.”

“Thanks for the sensitivity and for insisting on re-opening the camp program and giving the children the chance to say a proper goodbye to one another at the end.”

“Many thanks for your investment in this…it was such a pleasure.”

“Please consider a camp for parents (so that we won’t have to be jealous of our kids…)”

“With the end of camp, we would like to express our deep thanks and appreciation to the wonderful staff, who succeeded, with patience and determination, to connect with and form a cohesive group of kids, to provide personal attention for each and every camper, to be attentive to their needs and our needs as parents, to guide with charisma, and to provide our children with an amazing experience, which moved them and fulfilled them each day anew, not to mention relating to every request, large or small, which came up over the two weeks.”

“There is no doubt that this camp succeeded in filling a void that this strange year has left. Our children eagerly consumed the educational, creative, and social components which the talented counselors provided them.”

About the summer camps:

The zoo and aquarium summer camps offer an encounter and acquaintance with the world of animals in an experiential and fascinating way, which campers will take away with them for the future.

The zoo summer camp includes unique encounters with animals at the at the various exhibits, as well as other experiences. We will visit behind the scenes with carnivores, elephants, monkeys, and many others.

We’ll also visit the veterinary clinic and the operations center. We will learn about the importance of zoos which operate to protect and breed animals in danger of extinction, and we will emphasize the importance of conservation of the world of nature and animals.

The aquarium summer camp will lead the campers on a fascinating and experiential journey through the various aquatic habitats in Israel, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Sea of Galilee, and the Dead Sea. Campers will encounter a variety of sea creatures of the habitats, from the Harduf beach to the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. They will get acquainted with the colorful fish and coral reefs of the Red Sea. Each day of the summer camp will focus on a unique theme with the common denominator being nature conservation on land and sea.

The summer camps provide an educational and social experience which includes games and other enjoyable activities along with learning about and connecting to the world of nature and animals.

Summer camp counselors are part of the permanent zoo and aquarium guiding staff and are accompanied by a younger junior counselor.

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