Vision & Goals

  • Establish a zoological collection and maintain it under good living conditions, while making every effort to protect rare animals found in danger of extinction, and place an emphasis on animals from the land of Israel and those mentioned in the Bible;
  • Develop the zoo as an attractive tourism site with a uniqueness as a center for animals of the Bible;
  • Develop and facilitate educational and informational activities, which bring the public closer to nature conservation and protection of wildlife. Raise awareness of the environment and encourage a love of animals;
  • Research and participate in national and international projects of conservation, breeding, and returning various animals to the wild. Facilitate theoretical and applied research in zoology, biology, veterinary, and environment, while using the vast knowledge the zoo has accumulated in its field work;
  • Create a place of enriching and diverse leisure within a cultural and pastoral setting that emphasizes the values of nature and environment;
  • Establish an organization that maintains an economic framework to enable ongoing activity as well as special development activities.

To achieve these goals, the zoo operates in variety of ways:

  • Managing a zoological collection and participating in programs of conservation, breeding of species in danger of extinction, as well as programs of returning animals to the wild with national and international partners;
  • Maintaining a high level of environmental conditions and a clean and aesthetic site which blends into the natural vista; building spacious exhibits and establishing a system of signage and information;
  • Facilitating a system of guiding, creating unique educational programs, and encouraging diverse population sectors to participate in them as much as possible;
  • Taking advantage of the professional and practical knowledge, as well as the zoo’s accumulated experience for nature conservation programs;
  • Setting high professional standards and developing training programs for zoo staff;
  • Mobilizing and encouraging community partners to participate in zoo activity and nature conservation activity, including mobilizing volunteers and cultivating resource development;
  • Facilitating a system of marketing and public relations with the goal of reaching wide and diverse audiences and with the goal of promoting the zoo’s status as a leading site in Israel and in the world.
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