Zoo Behaviour Rules

Dear Visitors,
We put great effort into maintaining the zoo as a clean and well-maintained site - green and peaceful - in the heart of the city.
* Please help us keep the zoo clean and neat.
* We provide the animals with a rich diet, customized to their needs. Therefore, please do not feed the animals.
* Smoking is prohibited throughout the zoo.
* Follow guidelines on the signage at the zoo, and adhere to zoo staff instructions.
* Remain on the designated pathways, and do not cross fences or barriers into restricted areas.
* Playing ball is prohibited throughout the zoo.
* Fires are prohibited at the zoo.
* Bringing pets into the zoo endangers the safety of the zoo animals. Therefore, please do not bring animals into the zoo.
* Bicycles, roller skates/blades, and scooters are not permitted in  the zoo.
* Vehicles may not be brought into the zoo.
* In the event of a problem, please approach a staff member for assistance.

  • * Pets are not invited to the zoo. Guide dogs or other service animals may enter with prior coordination and preparation.
  • For more info please call: 02-6750111 or email: info@jerusalemzoo.org.il

  • We wish you an enjoyable visit!
    The Zoo Team
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