This is where you can find answers for common COVID19 / Zoo-related questions

This is where you can find answers to common COVID19 / Zoo-related questions

Question: Is the zoo currently open to visitors?

Answer: Yes. The zoo has re-opened as of February 9, 2021. Operating hours are 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM daily, except Fridays, 9:00 AM –4:00 PM. Final entry time is 2 hours before closing.

Question: Can admission tickets be purchased onsite?

Answer: A visit to the zoo requires advanced reservations and ticket purchase. There will be a possibility to purchase tickets on site based on available spaces. To purchase tickets, click here.

Question: Is the zoo operating asusual? Are any exhibits closed?

Answer: The zoo is operating in accordance with guidelines from the Ministry of Health. There are some exhibits and areas closed to visitors, as they are not located in open air or exhibits with animals in danger of infection: Small Animals House, the White Nights exhibit, the Underground World tunnels, Noah’s Ark Visitors’ Center, the Living Classroom,the bats exhibit, Lemur Land. Depending on crowd levels, the Lorikeet and Tropical Aviaries may open and close throughout the day.

 Question: I have a zoo membership-what about the length of its validity?

Answer: As with previous lockdowns, zoo memberships have been automatically frozen from the first day of lockdown. The validity of the membership is automatically updated based on the amount of time left on the membership and the amount of time the zoo was closed to visitors.

Question: Is it possible topurchase or renew a family membership on site?

Answer: Yes,membership purchase or renewal can be done during ticket office hours, Sunday through Thursday, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM and Fridays 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

Question: I reserved a ticket, or I would like to reserve tickets through a club or employees’ association (policefunds, Moadon Tov, Silvercard, High Tech Zone, Coupo Nofesh, and others) – what can I do?

Answer: After reserving the ticket, visit the zoo’s ticket purchase section of its website and make a visit reservation. The reservation has no price (price is zero). Choose your visit date and time and then, from the price list, choose the number of visitors in accordance with the type of ticket you purchased. You should receive an email confirmation. Make sure you enter your email address correctly. Pay attention to what islisted as required to present along with your confirmation.

Question: I purchased tickets forthe period during the lockdown, when I was unable to use them. What can I do?

Answer: These tickets do not expire. A new advanced visit reservation is required and can be made with the Information and Reservation Center.

Question: When can I make telephone contact? What are the hours of the zoo’s Information and Reservation Center?

Answer: The Information and Reservation Center (Tel: 02-675-0111) is open Sunday through Thursday 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Please be aware we may be experiencing increased call volume. You can also send an email to

Question: Is the zoo train operating?

Answer: The zoo train is currently not in operation.

Question: Is the petting zoo open?

Answer: The petting zoo is open, but number of visitors may be limited.

Question: Are zoo maps being distributed?

Answer: Maps are not being distributed. You can download the zoo’s new app through Google Play/App Store and enjoy its dynamicmap.

Question: How can we plan a group visit?

Answer: Groups are determined as being from an organization or institution and with advance coordination. Contact the Information and Reservation Center at 02-675-0111. Please be aware we may be experiencing increased call volume. You can also send an email to

Question:  Can the animals catch or infect others with the Corona virus?

Answer: We receive new information daily about animals and the Corona virus from around the world. Last year, big cats at New York’s Bronx Zoo were infected with the virus, as well as Gorillas at the San Diego Zoo. All have recovered. 😊  Here, at the Biblical Zoo, we are careful to protect the animals which are in danger of infection, such as the families of cats and monkeys, and we get updates with information relating to other species. About infection of humans from animals,it is still unknown as to whether humans have been infected with Corona virus from species of animals at the zoo. (unrelated to eating them, but rather with regard to encountering and visiting with them).

 Do you have any questions which do not appear here?

You can reach us at the Information and Reservation Center at Tel: 02-6750111, but we may be experiencing increased call volume. You can also contact us by email at or through our Facebook page.


We strive to promptly respond to everyinquiry.


Photo: Hadar Cohen

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