The Zoo is OPEN!

The Zoo is open ! according to government restrictions!

The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo opens its doors to the public as of Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Due to Corona virus limitations, it is currently not yet possible to visit exhibits which are indoors and enclosed,including Small Animals House, Noah’s Ark Visitors’ Center, the Living Classroom, the White Nights exhibit, the Underground World tunnels, the batsexhibit, and Lemur Land. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please be advised that the Israel Aquarium isstill closed to visitors.

 Zoo staff are disinfecting all public areas and restrooms andare also managing the numbers of visitors and monitoring visitor behavior toensure a safe visit.
To ensure crowd control and health safety, please follow thefollowing guidelines:
·       Each visitor mustundergo a temperature check before entering the zoo. Anyone with a temperatureabove 38 degrees centigrade will not be admitted.
·       Each visitor must weara mask, including those who have been vaccinated. Masks must be worn at alltimes, and eating is not permitted while walking.
·       Everyone must maintainsocial distance.

Failure to follow guidelines, including wearing a mask, mayresult in removal from the zoo without a refund.

Due to crowd restrictions, ticket purchase can only be donethrough the Biblical Zoo’s website.

Order your tickets here!

On-site ticket purchase may only beavailable subject to available spaces at the zoo.
Those with zoo memberships or other clubassociations must make advance reservations for their visits through the zoowebsite. To make a visit reservation, click here.
Tickets purchased through clubs and employeeassociations (valid through 31/12/2020) can be used through 30/6/2021 (onlywith advance visit reservations).

Message to Zoo Members:

Zoo memberships which were valid during the zoo’s closure wereautomatically frozen from the first day of lockdown, as was done for the firsttwo lockdowns.
An automatic membership extension has been issued for everymembership which was valid during the lockdown.
The length of extension is the amount of time the membership wasvalid while the zoo was closed in accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines(and not due to personal reasons such as illness or quarantine).

Photo: Natalie Daoud

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