Tickets and Memberships

Entrance Fee (in Israeli Shekels)
  • adult
    63 ILS
  • child (age 3 - 18)
    49 ILS
  • police officer, student, soldier, senior citizen
    49 ILS
  • person with disabilities
    35 ILS
One-Year Membership Prices
  • one child
    220 ILS
  • one adult
    300 ILS
  • student
    250 ILS
  • soldier, police officer, senior citizen, person with disabilities
    220 ILS
  • couple
    525 ILS
  • couple + 1 child
    630 ILS
  • couple + 2 children
    680 ILS
  • couple + 3
    750 ILS
  • couple + 4
    790 ILS
  • couple + 5
    830 ILS
  • couple + 6 or more children
    860 ILS
Membership Prices for Single-Parent Families (per year)
  • parent + one child
    470 ILS
  • parent + 2 children
    610 ILS
  • parent + 3
    670 ILS
  • parent + 4
    690 ILS
  • parent + 5
    730 ILS
  • parent + 6 or more children
    760 ILS
Group admission rates
Group rates are for 25 or more people from institutions and organizations and with advance reservations
  • each adult (above age 18)
    50 ILS
  • each child (age 3 - 18)
    40 ILS
  • soldier, senior citizen
    40 ILS

The zoo train will not operate on independence day.

For information and coordination of groups and guided tours, click here.

Cancellation of tickets can be done up to 48 hours before the date of the visit. 

To cancel tickets, send an email with transaction details and phone number to

Inquiries will be answered within 14 business days. 

Customers who have not received confirmation by email - please come to the zoo with credit card details or order number.

One-time admission discounts

●     Prices with a Matmon/ Yerushalmi residence card: Child: 44 NIS, Adult 57 NIS with presentation of valid card/ Yerushalmi code.

Zoo Membership

●      The membership entitles its owner to free zoo entrance throughout the year.

●      Discounts at the zoo snack bar and gift shop

●      Rides on the zoo train are 1 ILS (instead of 3 ILS).

●      Membership renewal within three months of expiration date offers a 10% discount on the new membership price.

●      A family membership is defined as a couple and their children (ages 3 -18) (children who will be turning 3 during the year’s membership must be listedin advance)

●      Memberships can be purchased in the zoo cashiers only.

●      Please bring with you ID card addendum and up-to-date photos of the family members (also possible to get your photos taken in the zoo or send them to this email:

●      Have you purchased tickets and want a membership? You can be credited for your tickets toward a membership for up to one week from the ticket purchase by sending an email with the membership registration form, a copy of the tickets, a copy of your national ID card address addendum and up-to-date photos of the family members to

●      Please note: membership is personal and non-transferable! membership purchasing is possible only on weekdays!

Photo: Barak Amira